Have you always wanted to try machine embroidery and did not know where to start? We have gathered for you all of the basics you need to know before you get started.

It has always seemed very complicated, hasn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With our easy tips, you will be able to use a machine to create beautiful embroidery.

So here are our tips that can help you get started:

Take a big breath

This is supposed to be fun. Machine embroidery is a fun and relaxing activity that you need to do only for yourself. Nobody is judging you so you shouldn’t judge yourself.

Be open minded and ready to learn

There is no good or bad, succeed or fail. Just learning and having a great experience.

Take your time. Learning takes time

But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun during that time. Enjoy the journey and not the destination.

Begin with a simple project with your machine embroidery

If you take on a large project from the beginning you are only in for a lot of disappointment. Start with a small and simple embroidery work, and you’ll be surprised with the great results. Don’t go crazy with your purchases. Don’t spend too much money on gadgets and accessories. Start small.

Dream big

It’s only the beginning but be sure that with practice come great achievements.


machine embroidery – Madeira

Learning how to use a machine to do embroidery work is not an easy task. We are here to ease your mind and be your cheerleaders.

So now that you’re relaxed and ready, here are a few technical machine embroidery tips that will help you get familiar with machine embroidery:

Learn about the machine that you have

First you need to learn how to work your machine. What kind of machine do you have? Brother? Singer? Bernina? Do you know how to attach the embroidery unit? Do you know how to load a design? You will need to learn how to make sure the design will fit the hoop. You will also need to learn how to attach it (the hoop), and how to change the needle.

Learn about the different threads

There are many types of embroidery threads, some come in cotton, some come in polyester or rayon, and some are metallic. There is also the characteristic of the weight and of the thickness. We recommend using high quality Madeira threads. You also need to think about the bobbin. When using machine embroidery you need to use a special bobbin.

Learn about what needles you need to use

Using the right needle is very important to the quality and comfort of your work. What’s important to remember is that the right needle will not harm the fabric or the thread. Smaller needles embroider more accurate stitches.

Learn how to use the hoop

The hoop is there to stabilize the whole process and so the fabric should be inside the hoop whenever it is possible. The fabric should not be too stretched out but should also not be too loose.

Learn to choose the right stabilizers, backing / topping

There are so many types of stabilizers, it can be overwhelming. So you should really take the time and learn how to do it.

Learn just how your stiches affect your fabric

It’s important to learn as much as you can about how the designs are made in order to become the best embroiderer you can be.

Sometimes you just need to use applique.

Go for it! The best way to learn how to do machine embroidery is to just go for it! Just do it. You’ll make mistakes but get better as you go. And most importantly, have fun while doing it.

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