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Don’t be afraid of using metallic threads for embroidery and decorative effects. They may be more sophisticated and technical than Viscose, Polyneon or Cotton standard yarns as their construction is more complicated.

However, they are easy to use if you follow the following recommendations:

  • When using metallised threads, embroidery should not be too dense. Embroidery programs should consequently be digitized or changed accordingly
  • We recommend reducing the embroidery machine speed, in order to prevent thread breaks and to achieve an even embroidery
  • We recommend reducing the thread tension. A high tension may cause problems with metallised threads
  • Change the embroidery needles before you start embroidering with metallised threads. Choose a suitable needle with a large eye. If in doubt, it is better to use a larger eye needle rather than a small one.   Click here to learn more about Madeira’s needles
  • Due to their complex structure, metallic threads may not unwind as softly as standard Rayon or Polyester embroidery threads. We recommend using the cone net (Art. No. 9464), to ensure steady unwinding from the reel.


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