Finding the Best Hand Embroidery Patterns

As the technology became more advanced, a number of different embroidery machines appeared on the market. Although no one can dispute they save time and produce great work, many people still prefer the traditional way of embroidery. But, being old-fashioned doesn’t mean hand embroidery is not good. On the contrary, this method can help you focus on the tiniest details. Not to mention the pleasure you’ll get when finishing the work completely on your own! Once you decide to take the things in your hand, you will see that a number of different opportunities will open before you. Unlike machine embroidery that has a limited choice of stitches and knots, the things are totally different when it comes to hand embroidery. The stitched you can make by hand might not be available on the sewing machine. In fact, even the most expensive sewing machines do not come with a database that can compare with you and your creativity. Still, machines do have one big advantage – they save time! In fact, you just can’t beat a sewing machine, so better not even try it. Go for hand embroidery only if you have enough time at your disposal. If not, you won’t be able to let your mind and your hands produce great embroidery works. But, in order to do hand embroidery, first, you need to find hand embroidery patterns! This quest can be very easy, but only if you know where to look for these patterns.

Where to Find Hand Embroidery Patterns?

If you visit your local sewing store, you will probably find thousands of embroidery patterns. The problem is that not all of them are intended for hand use. Instead, you would need a machine for that. Of course, most sewing stores do have hand embroidery patterns on their offer, but if you are in a search for something specific, you might not be too satisfied with what they have at disposal. Instead of buying a pattern that is all but perfect, we advise you to get out of the store and look for it somewhere else! Luckily for you, it’s the 21st century and everything can be found on the internet. There is a huge number of websites, offering amazing hand embroidery patterns. One of those websites is, where you can find all kinds of hand embroidery patterns. Whatever your idea might be, you can be sure that you’ll find a design that fits. Whether you want to use the pattern to create home décor items such as tablecloths, napkins, dish towels, or table runners, you will be able to find something at this website. Furthermore, this is the place to visit when you’re in a search for hand embroidery patterns for clothes. You can find a number of fancy designs that will surely go well with the latest fashion trends.

How to Choose the Right Pattern?

The first thing that attracts people to a certain type of pattern is its design. You may fall in love with how it looks, but that shouldn’t be the only decisive factor when it comes to picking the right-hand embroidery pattern. You also need to pay attention to how hard is it, especially if you don’t have too much experience. The good news is that there are some patterns that come with the instructions, which seem perfect for those who are newbies in the world of embroidery. The instructions are great to guide you step-by-step through the whole process. Just put your trust into the instructions manual and your work is guaranteed to look nice when completed. But, if you are looking to explore your creativity, perhaps embroidery patterns with instructions are not right for you. Instead, you should let your hand go freely. This way, you will come up with a unique pattern, which you’ll be proud of. In fact, if you fall in love with it, why not share it with the world? We’re not talking just about bragging to your Facebook friends about your embroidery pattern or sharing it on Tumbler or a similar website. You can share it with those looking for new embroidery ideas!

Creating Your Own Embroidery Patterns

Once you’ve created your embroidery pattern, you can show it to everyone by uploading it to sites like, which accept posts of the users. Simply click on the button Submit Your Work and upload the photos of your hand embroidery patterns. Furthermore, if you feel like sharing your embroidery secrets, why not put a step-by-step guide on how to follow the pattern that you’ve designed. On top of everything, you can also leave suggestions on which embroidery floss and stitches they should use for your pattern. The same goes for the colors that you think would suit it perfectly.

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