Frosted Matt is a true matte finish polyester embroidery thread. It contains a ceramic ingredient that provides extreme color fastness, making it extremely resistant to fading from sunlight. This general use embroidery thread from Madeira, runs like either of Madeira’s general use 40 weight threads: Classic Rayon or Polyneon.


However, Frosted Matt has some very unique properties. While it runs like any 40 weight thread, its matte finish gives embroidery great clarity, making it great for fine lettering and it can withstand commercial laundering similar to our 100% polyester Polyneon.


Helpful Hints

  1. Frosted Matt is a 40 weight thread, but slightly thinner than a normal #40 weight so it is recommended when filling in large areas that you adjust the density.
  2. For best results digitizing for Frosted Matt, set the punch parameter to 3.5 or .35 to maximum 4.0 or .40 stitch density.
  3. A #65/9 or #75/11 needle is recommended.
  4. Frosted Matt has great clarity to it when embroidered due to its matte finish, making it ideal for fine lettering.
  5. Frosted Matt behaves the same as Madeira’s 100% polyester Polyneon thread when laundered. It can hold up to bleach so long as the amount added does not exceed 20 grams per liter of water. This means it can withstand commercial laundering. Its wash water should not exceed 140 ̊F. When dry cleaning, any solvent except Trichloroethylene can be used.



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