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  The key to finding the best threads for embroidery is understanding what they are. If you thought embroidery threads were same as any other type of yarn, you were very wrong. These yarns are made with the intention to be used as embroidery threads, which is why they have features that make them perfect for this type of craft. choose the right kind of thread But, simply buying an embroidery thread is not enough – you must find one that fits perfectly your embroidery designs technique. First of all, you need to choose thread according to the embroidery method. If you’re using a machine, thread for hand embroidery will be of no use. Furthermore, you need to pay attention to whether the thread contains artificial dyes that you might be allergic to. In order to avoid any possible problems, we’ve decided to help you by providing you with advice on which embroidery threads are the best for hand embroidery, but also which you should use if machine embroidery is your choice.

Best Threads for Hand Embroidery

The first type of thread for hand embroidery that you need to remember is crewel yarn. Usually, this is a fine 2-ply yarn made of either natural wool or the artificial acrylic fiber, which resembles wool. If you prefer cotton to wool, your choice should be stranded cotton. Actually, most people do prefer using cotton for embroidery. This thread is better known embroidery floss, at least in America, for a reason – people love doing embroidery with it. Speaking of stranded cotton, this floss is actually a combination of six threads. These threads are made of two small plies, which are softly twisted together. In fact, that is why the texture of the thread depends on its thickness, then on the twist. When using stranded cotton for embroidery, you can choose the number of strands to use. The minimum number is one, while the most strands you can choose is six. The more strands you use, the more heavy look the final embroidery will get, that is, the stitches will become chunky.Basically, when you need to fill in the area in your embroidery, you can add more strands, while when doing tiny details, simply go with one strand in the needle. how to find the best thread - online Another cotton popular type of thread for hand embroidery is pearl cotton or “cotton perlé” as it’s known in France, its birthplace. This is a 2-ply thread that is S-twisted and comes with a high sheen. Pearl cotton thread is sold in five different weights. Pearl cotton No. 3, is the heaviest, while pearl cotton 16 has the best quality, so choose accordingly. Pearl cotton is notable for its great quality and high sheen. Speaking of sheen, if you want a thread with the highest sheen possible, forget about wool and cotton! Instead, use silk threads. Not only does it have a great sheen, it’s also very strong. Silk threads for hand embroidery come in two versions, filament silk and spun silk. Spun silk is made of leftovers, that is, cocoons are broken and not used in making filament silk. The former is used for making stranded silk threads, which are similar to those made of cotton, although silk does have a much higher sheen. All of these hand embroidery threads can be found and bought online. There are lots of online shops offering high-quality threads at affordable prices. One of those is, where, apart from a huge number of threads offered, you can also find tips and advice on how to use them.

Machine Embroidery Threads

If hand embroidery is not your cup of tea, but instead you prefer using a machine, you need to choose the right kind of thread. Unlike hand embroidery, which provides you with a choice of dozens of different types of threads, when it comes to machine embroidery, you basically have two embroidery threads in front of you – rayon and polyester thread. Machine Embroidery Threads Rayon thread is often the favorite choice, as it has a wonderful shine. Still, the number 1 reason why people love it is the fact that it rarely breaks. Furthermore, the thread is available in more than 400 different colors, so anyone can find what they need. On top of everything, this type of thread is made to be suitable for use with all sorts of most popular brands of sewing machines, including Singer, Viking, Brother, and so on. Polyester threads are not as shiny as the rayon version. They also come in fewer color varieties then rayon threads. So, what makes this type of thread good? The answer is its price! Usually, polyester threads are much cheaper than rayon threads. You can find them at affordable prices on the internet, with many embroidery shops like, offering a variety of high-quality threads for machine embroidery.

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