Best Threads for Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery is the process of making patterns on textiles with the help of a sewing machine. This is a relatively new form of embroidery, as it’s been around since the invention of the sewing machine. Before, people had no other alternative then to do embroidery work manually, which consumes much more time and energy. Still, there are still some people today who prefer hand embroidery to the method that involves machines. Although hand embroidery might give you a better feeling if you do this for a hobby, machine embroidery is much faster. This is the reason why professionals almost exclusively use this method. In fact, contract embroidery relies on nothing but sewing machines, which are used for sewing designs onto textile, something which is very popular among companies looking to promote their brand. Whether you’re using an embroidery machine for fun or business, you are probably wondering how to make your works as superb as possible. Well, the key to a breath-taking embroidery work is not in only having the talent. You also need to have the right tools and sewing supplies. First of all, you need a good machine, but the sort of embroiding thread is equally important. In fact, the quality of the thread can mean the difference between a quality embroidery job and a disaster. With that in mind, we have decided to provide you with a couple of suggestions on which embroidery thread to use. MADEIRA


This thread is great not just for machine use, but can be used for manual embroidery as well. It’s strong and very elastic, which makes it ideal for the finishing job. Depending on which type of fabric you’re using, you can choose the right kind of Aerofil thread. If you plan to use it for the finishing job on medium or fine fabrics, go with Aerofil 120, but if you need a thread for work on heavy duty fabrics, your choice should be Aerofil Extra Strong (number 35).


When it comes to cotton threads, you can’t go wrong if you choose Cotona thread made by Madeira. This luxury type of thread is made of Egyptian Giza cotton, which is the reason why it’s so strong and durable. But, the cotton was also taken care of very well during the manufacturing of the thread, which is the reason why Cotona has such an impressive sheen. Knowing all this, you’re probably thinking that Cotona must cost quite a lot. It does, but not if you buy it straight from the company that makes it –

Wool Embroidery Thread

Wool is often the choice of embroiders as such threads look nice and last for a long time. Wool is often used to add warmth to the embroidery works, especially if the fabric used is heavyweight, like, for example, linen or denim. Another great thing about wool threads is that they behave well when used in computerized embroidery. This means that there won’t be any problems when you switch your sewing machine to do tough work, like making bobbins, cross stitch, etc.

Metallic Thread

Metallized threads seem ideal for embellishing. Not only do give away the impression of strength, these threads are actually very tough. But, being strong doesn’t mean they aren’t soft. On the contrary, metallic threads feel very good on the skin. Still, the main reason why people use this type of thread is that it gives an amazing sheen to hems,seams and edges.

Polyester Embroidery Thread

This type of embroidery thread is famous for its versatility. Not only can be used in both machine and hand embroidery, but you can use for making all kinds of amazing things. Polyester thread can be used on all kinds of fabrics, even those that are washed very often (socks, leatherwear, denim, etc.). This thread is strong and elastic and has a wonderful sheen. Furthermore, it seems perfect for machine use, as it will allow you to do all sorts of embroidery designs. Finally, polyester embroidery thread is also very popular for its price, which is among the lowest.

Artificial Silk (Viscose) Embroidery Thread

If you are looking for a thread that is soft and beautiful like it was made of silk, but much stronger and tougher, go with artificial silk thread. Viscose is a great choice for computerized embroidery, due to the fact that it has an exceptional running ability. You can use it for all kinds of purposes (embellishment, quilting, etc.), on all kinds of fabrics (wool, denim, cotton, and so on). Another great thing about this type of thread is that it can be found at very affordable prices. It might not be the cheapest type of thread on the market, but considering its features, it definitely deserves your attention. It’s much cheaper than real silk, not to mention that it many times more durable. On top of everything, the thread is available in a large number of different colors, so you are guaranteed to find one that you’ll like.

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