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Threads are extremely important since it is the thing that holds the fabric together. But it is very important to select the right Madeira threads because not each type goes well with each sewing project. When it comes to embroidery, sewing, and other similar techniques, the use of high-quality thread is a must. You cannot use the cheapest materials that lack quality if you wish to obtain the best results. Moreover, you need a wide variety of options in terms of types of thread and colors at your disposal to create something nice. Threads are essential because they hold any fabric you choose together so there is no room for compromising on quality in this case. Also, you should know that not any kind of thread is appropriate to choose for any sewing project you have in mind. You need to know your goals and choose the threads that will help you accomplish them.  

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How do you recognize a good thread?

  The best test is to try and break it. Just try to break a bit out of it, it’s ok! Now when you go to purchase new materials, you can ask the seller to test the thread for you or let you test it yourself. This way, you will know what you buy. If you try to break the thread and it slightly cuts your finger this means you have a good thread that will allow you to sew properly with it. You do not have to pull it until it cuts your finger, just test it and see how it handles the test. Why is it so important to choose good thread? Because it will essentially influence the results of your sewing or embroidery processes. You can easily notice when a textile material was created using the high-quality thread as compared to those that lack proper quality. Among the numerous producers of high-quality threads around the world, Madeira is a popular name worldwide. Let’s see what makes Madeira threads Australia famous and why thousands of customers choose these products every year.

The Definition of Madeira Quality

    The Madeira embroidery thread is perfect for any type of quality embroidery. The embroidery made with Madeira thread is resistant over time and after continuous washing.Resistant to bleaches or stain removal solutions, Madeira is produced in native colors and it is not the result of subsequent dyeing processes.The composition of the thread is 100% polyester, suitable for embroidery on outer garments (such as jackets, caps, overalls / protective equipment) and indoor clothing. In the field of embroidery, the name of the German manufacturer is pronounced with respect. It is all due to the Madeira quality standards and the variety of colors that have made it attractive for decades around the world. Exceptional embroidery is not only given by a well-chosen pattern but also by achieving the right synthesis between the visual effects it creates and the composition as well as the quality of the embroidery thread. Practicing manual work is brought back to life thanks to Madeira’s high quality products in a wide range of items: viscose yarn, cotton, silk, embroidery handmade embroidery, markers that traditionally replace the chalk to draw precise lines on the material. Madeira’s hand embroidery threads are very attractive due to the wide range of beautiful colors they feature and the multitude of applications in the case of which these can be used.

Types of Madeira Threads You Can Use

The superior quality of the Decora Madeira viscose brings a bright and silky look to the embroidery. This makes your favorite colors shine intensely. In natural light, Decora embroidery draws attention from the play of shades that are transferred to colors, transforming the model into a work of art. The decor has a noble and silky gloss, and can be used to sew any cotton design. You can find it available in a wide variety of attractive colors. The Mouline Madeira yarns are made of the highest quality Egyptian cotton. Only this Egyptian cotton guarantees the discreet fineness and gloss, present on Mouline Madeira wires. Mouline wires are washable at high temperatures of up to 95 °C. Mouline threads are dyed using processes that do not involve carcinogens or prohibited colors. The result is a gorgeous, completely washable 95 ° C cord. They are spiral-shaped, in a light and non-polluting package, allowing easy handling and keeping the net clean. You can find it available in hundreds of vibrant colors. Silk features a true royal, perfect thread used to sew special embroidery for special occasions. Silk is the queen of natural fibers and adds a wonderful, luxurious yet discreet feature to the stitch. Silk can replace cotton very well. Madeira silk is available in an amazing palette of colors, being preferred by worldwide customers for the variety of shades and contrasts it offers. High-quality embroidery in pure silk thread guarantees the proper gloss effects and the necessary durability of the drawing. You can find such thread available in a variety of beautiful colors. Now you can rely on Madeira threads Australia and ensure the success of your new sewing projects based on quality materials, performance and proper durability.

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