The dream to develop Madeira began in 1919, after Burkhardt und Schmidt begun production of cotton sewing threads. Madeira began its operations in the 1950’s when it successfully designing and actualizing the technology used to process Viscose embroidery threads. Since its inception, Madeira has experienced massive growth and has risen to become a household name as the best manufacturer of machine embroidery and special effect threads.
Owing to this growth, today; Madeira has received global recognition and has since developed global networks that place it as a global leader in the manufacture of machine embroidery and special effect threads. The corporation is now under the leadership of the third generation, with Michael and Ulrich Schmidt.

Madeira philosophy

Over the years, Madeira has retained its earliest philosophy; ‘the best product quality and excellent services for satisfied customers’. He has made this philosophy a reality by investing in the best quality assurance department.

Its sole task is to constantly review the raw materials used, run thorough laboratory tests before and after dyeing, applying-particular tests of the running characteristics of the threads, examining the guaranteed washing characteristics, combined with additional single tests that meet the DIN and ISO standards.

It is through demanding for perfection in their product that Madeira guarantees all clients as well as potential clients a perfect experience.
Madeira has since its inception remained dynamic and embraced the new technological advancements.

The company deals in a wide array of products that are all developed to address the niches in the industry. The company deals in developing special effect threads, Rheingold, quilting threads, metallic threads, long arm machines and all accessories related to sewing.

Knitting Industry

The products developed by Madeira come in an array of designs; this is done to ensure that all clients get the chance to choose the product that best suits their needs. All products developed by Madeira offer all clients a guarantee of delivering the best service.

Over the years, Madeira has successfully developed an effective system that is in charge of quality control.

The group comprises experts in different fields who work together as a unified front to develop the best product. This production is subjected to a strict code of conduct that demands nothing short of perfection.

Owing to this, Madeira has entered into partnerships with entrepreneurs around the globe and demand for the best service delivery. The partners are also subjected to the code of conduct developed by Madeira. Further, Madeira has developed a very successful work relations code that ensures all staff enjoy the best remuneration in the industry as well as good relations with their employer.

Today, Madeira continues to grow in strength and might and remains to be a force to reckon with in the industry.

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